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1. Each MARIAB member shall be responsible for the understanding and the use of the specific terminology of the trade. MARIAB members are expected to conduct their activities within all federal, state and local laws and regulations, and are expected to exercise high standards of integrity, fairness and courtesy in all of their professional dealings.

2. Material offered for sale by a MARIAB member will be accurately described to the best of the member's ability. All significant defects, restoration, and changes shall be clearly noted and made known to those to whom the material is offered or sold. The buyer shall be entitled to a full and prompt refund of any material not properly represented or in cases where the authenticity or accurate description of the material is disputed.

3. All material sold by a MARIAB member shall pass with clear title to the purchaser. Each MARIAB member shall make all efforts not to purchase stolen material and should exercise due caution regarding material of dubious provenance. MARIAB members should cooperate with law enforcement authorities and appropriate MARIAB committees to effect the detection and return of stolen materials. A MARIAB member's responsibilities under this bylaw shall include making sure that all library materials offered for sale by him/herself have been properly de-accessioned.

4. Terms and conditions of sale should be clearly stated in all catalogs and offers, and material offered for sale to the public shall be clearly priced.

5. Responsibility for damage in transit shall rest with the sender unless otherwise stipulated.

6. A MARIAB member offering appraisal services shall be responsible for knowing and abiding by the current regulations stipulated by the IRS regarding appraisals.

7. A MARIAB member should neither approach nor solicit customers in any other bookseller's shop, book fair booth or place of business without the introduction or consent of the proprietor.

8. A MARIAB member will not bid or have any other party bid on his/her behalf on materials that he/she has consigned to auction.